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  • Harman Stove Company Sign | Danthonia Designs
Harman Stove Company Sign | Danthonia Designs

Harman Stove Company Sign

About this sign

“THERE IS NO PLACE MORE DELIGHTFUL than one’s own fireplace.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

Or, as Frank Lloyd Wright said, “The fireplace? The heart of the home itself.”

From long before Cicero’s time in ancient Rome and for as long as one can imagine in the future, there is something about a fireplace that appeals to people and not only warms the body, but the soul as well.

Dane Harman started a stove business back in 1979 without really meaning to when he decided to design and build a wood stove for his family in order to reduce his high electricity bills. He was an experienced welder with a good eye for design, and the stove turned out so good that his neighbors asked him if he would build one for them too. Before long, he was snowed under with orders, outgrowing his garage workshop, and thus began the Harman Stove Company.

Now, thirty years on, Dane has kept to his original motto, ‘Built to a standard, not a price.’ The great craftsmanship together with new technology and innovative options make Harman stoves so popular that they have become a leader in the industry. Manufacturing over 36 models of stoves and central heating units which burn wood, gas, coal, pellets, corn and other fuels, the company has won awards and holds several patents. Though the company has since been sold to Hearth and Home Technologies, Dane still works there building stoves and perfecting their products.

This Danthonia sign incorporates the Harman logo text with hand sculpted flame artwork. All text was hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf.