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Elan Farm Sign

Elan Farm Sign

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“THERE WHERE THE COURSE IS, Delight makes all of the one mind, The riders upon the galloping horses, The crowd that closes in behind: We, too, had good attendance once, Hearers and hearteners of the work; Aye, horsemen for companions, Before the merchant and the clerk Breathed on the world with timid breath. Sing on: somewhere at some new moon, We'll learn that sleeping is not death, Hearing the whole earth change its tune, Its flesh being wild, and it again Crying aloud as the racecourse is, And we find hearteners among men That ride upon horses.” William Butler Yeats

This classic farm sign captures the spirit of Elan Farm with its beautifully hand sculpted horse artwork. The add ons are placed inside a cutaway window for a very dimensional effect which includes a cove edge and top trim. The large text is hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf, while the smaller text and accents are hand carved and painted. Since the sign is made from high density urethane (HDU), it has the look, weight and feel of wood but will actually last much longer than wood and will weather many years of sun and weather without splitting, warping or cracking as wood is prone to do. The paint used is Australian engineered, mineral pigment exterior acrylic Dulux Weathershield which is highly UV-resistant. Developed for the harsh Australian climate, the company advertises a 15 year guarantee against blistering, pealing or cracking. This striking horse farm sign will be around to welcome visitors for many years to come.